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Wherever Yet May Be

Wherever Yet May Be
Celebrating their 18th year as a band, Scotlandís Old Blind Dogs continue to distinguish themselves as vital, innovative ambassadors of traditional music. Subtly and ingeniously expanding upon the very traditions that they celebrate, they harness the resonance and timeless themes of British Isles roots music (the songs and tunes of their native Scotland in particular) and weld them to new rhythmic frameworks, dynamic arcs, and textural expanses, producing a uniquely identifiable sound that reflects the rich heritage of their forefathers yet comes across as resoundingly fresh and immediate.

Wherever Yet May Be is their tenth studio album and was recorded at Gran's House Studio in Lamington, Scotland, and is the first Dogs recording to feature piper Ali Hutton who joined in autumn 2008. The CD includes six new songs, a mixture of traditional and contemporary and penned by the likes of Davy Steele and Andy M. Stewart. The six new tune sets also include new compositions from Ali as well as traditional tunes and contemporary melodies from the repertoires of Gordon Duncan, Fred Morrison and Jamie Smith amongst others.

1. St.Kilda
2. Loughe Erne's Shore
3. Psychopomps
4. Scotland Yet
5. Portobello
6. Copper Kettle
7. Sir Steve Huska of Bryce Canyon
8. Broken Ring
9. Room With A View
10. Banks Of The Nile
11. Where Are You?
12. Desperate Fishwives

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Four On The Floor

Four On The Floor
Latest CD release from the Old Blind Dogs.

1. Terror Time Audio Sample
2. Harris Dance
3. Star O' The Bar Audio Sample
4. Breton
5. Gaelic Song
6. Jigs
7. Braw Sailin'
8. Goats Audio Sample
9. Cairn O' Mount
10. Bedlam Boys/The Rights of Man

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Play Live

Play Live
Fantastic live CD recorded in the USA during the band's Spring 2004 tour.

1. The Battle of Harlaw
2. Sky City
3. The Wisest Fool
4. Cuilfhionn/The Rejected Suitor
5. Kincardine Lads
6. Breton/Galician Set
7. Young Edward
8. Soup of the Day
9. Tramps and Hawkers
10. The Battle of Waterloo
11. Lochanside
12. A Man's A Man For A' That
13. A Wild Rumpus

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Field of Bells - Music for the Tradition - Book 1

Field of Bells - Music for the Tradition - Book 1

A tune book written by Rory Campbell, piper and whistle player with Old Blind Dogs and Nusa. This book of tunes is by no means exclusive to pipers, but is intended to appeal to anyone interested in traditional music.

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The Gab o Mey

The Gab o Mey

1. Monymusk Lads
2. A Wild Rumpus
3. Bogie's Bonny Belle
4.The Whistler
5 The Wisest Fool
6. Archie Beag
7. The Breton and Galician Set
8. Lads o The Fair
9. Lochanside
10. Rolling Home

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Recorded at Sound Cafe, Ninemileburn, Scotland. Engineered by Dave Gray.

1. Is There For Honest Poverty?
2. Come A' Ye Kincardine Lads
3. Much Better Now
4. Tramps and Hawkers
5. Country Girl
6. Sky City
7. Reres Hill
8. The Rejected Suitor
9. Awa' Whigs Awa'
10. Cuilfhionn
11. Black-Haired Lad
12. Tatties and Herrin'

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The World's Room

The World's Room
Recorded, mixed and mastered at Watercolour Music (1999). Engineered by Nick Turner. Produced by Old Blind Dogs.

1. To the Beggin' I Will Go
2 .The Branle
3. Forfar Sodger
4. Mill o' Tifty
5. Bannockburn Road
6. Battle of Waterloo
7. Soup of the Day
8. Roslin Castle
9. Edward
10. The Ritual

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Recorded in Crathes, Banchory, Aberdeenshire, Scotland, 1997. Produced by Kevin Key.

1. Glen Kabul/Trip to Pakistan/The Forth Floor
2. The Battle Of Harlaw
3. Lord MacDonald's March To Harlaw/The Mither Tap/The Cauldron
4. Parcel O'Rogues
5. The Walking Nightmare/The Shopgirl/Croix Rousse
6. Janine's Reel/In And Out Of The Harbour/The Hawk
7. The Lowlands Of Holland
8. Jonny O'Braidislee
9. Leaving Lochboisdale
10. Summerside/Mouy'ton Mayo/Andros 2/Andros 3

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Recorded at "The Mill" Studio Crathes, Kincardineshire, Scotland, June/July 1995 Engineered by Niall Mathewson. Produced by Old Blind Dogs & Niall Mathewson.

1. Mormond Braes/Charles Sutherland
2. Malcolm Ferguson/Finbar Saunders
3. The Lancashire Lads
4. There Were Twa Bonnie Maidens
5. The Rose and the Lindsey O'
6. Hollis Brown
7. The Bonnie Earl O' Moray
8. The Salmon Leap/Rip the Calico/Jenny Tied the Bonnet Tight/ The Crooks of the Kingdom
9. The Snows They Melt the Soonest
10. The Birkin Tree
11. The £5 Flute/Donald McLennan's Exercise/ What Pain I Have Endured Since Last Year
12. Tibbie Fowler/Breton Dance Tune

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Tall Tails

Tall Tails
Recorded at CaVa Sound Workshops, Glasgow/May 1994. Engineered by Kevin Key. Produced by Kevin Key & Old Blind Dogs.

1. The Barnyards O' Delgaty
2. The Burn O' Craigie/The Moon Coin Jig/Miss Isobel Blackley
3. The Banks O' Sicily
4. The Sportsman's Haunt/Mrs. Baily of Redcastle/Sherlock's Fancy
5. A Wife in Every Port
6. Boondock Skank
7. Pills of White Mercury
8. Miss Sheperd/Sandy Grant/The Hurricane
9. Lay Ye Doon Love
10. Willie's Aul' Trews/The Auld Reel 1/The Auld Reel 2
11. P. Stands for Paddy
12. The Buzzard

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Close To The Bone

Close To The Bone
Recorded at CaVa Sound Workshops, May/June 1993. Produced by Kevin Key.

1. Kilbogie
2. Linden Rise
3. The Cruel Sister
4. The Honeymoon Reel/ Kings/The Clayslaps Reel
5. The Twa Corbies
6. The Universal Hall/ The Nuptial Knot/The Barlinnie Highlander
7. MacPherson's Rant/The Winging
8. Seonaidh Mor/The Fall/Dick Gossops
9. Margaret Cromar
10. The Trooper and The Maid or The Trumpet Sounds At Burreldales
11. The Broken Pledge/Claggy's Dilemma/Hamilton's Jig
12. Jean O'Bethelnie (Glenlogie)

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New Tricks

New Tricks
Recorded at CaVa Sound Workshops, June 1992. Engineered by Kevin Key Produced by Kevin Key & Old Blind Dogs.

1. Bennachie
2. The Garnethill/Miss Mairi MacPhail of Laxdale
3. The Bonnie Banks O'Fordie
4. J&B Reel/The Bonawe Highlanders
5. The Wee Wee German Lairdie
6. Monaghan's Jig
7. The Bonnie Lass O'Fyvie
8. Song For Autumn
9. Gala Water
10. The Ferret Set
11. Bedlam Boys/The Rights Of Man

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