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Bandcamp Friday 7th May 2021

Once again, the fine folks at Bandcamp are waiving their fees all day on the first Friday each month to help independent artists increase their income during this incredibly difficult time for the creative arts. If you have the means - and you don't have the music yet - we urge you to help support us by buying our music from Bandcamp, especially on the first Friday of each month.


You can find our last album there PLUS you can download the single 'Braw Sailing' which we re-arranged as a thank you to all the past members of the band when we were inducted into the 'Scots Trad Music Hall of Fame' in December 2020. The video is below but if you have the means then please consider downloading the track and paying what you can afford to help support Old Blind Dogs ❤️

You can find our music on Bandcamp by clicking here.