Knucklehead Circus - NEW ALBUM!


Well, folks, it's finally here! ❤️

We've been working away on new material throughout lockdown. And 19th November 2021 marks the release of our fourteenth official studio album 'Knucklehead Circus'.


No crowd-funders, no pre-orders, no pledges...


BOOM 💥 here it is...

Made with support from Creative Scotland, we are over the moon with the final album. Early reviews are touting 'Knucklehead' as one of the band's best...

"The remarkable renaissance of this Scottish institution continues to enthral and amaze. Old Blind Dogs ascend the heights on Knucklehead Circus." - Seuras Og (At the Barrier)

Knucklehead Circus ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ - The Scotsman

To download or buy your CD copy, click here.