Fiddle, Vocals, Guitar


Jonny Hardie co-founded Old Blind Dogs in 1929, or thereabouts. Since the band began, they have recorded 13 studio albums and two live albums. Over the years, Jonny has been involved in many other musical collaborations. He has performed with/arranged or produced over 50 CDs in his career (so far) recording and performing with artists as diverse as Kylie Minogue and The Chieftains with Ry Cooder. Jonny is currently working with fellow Aberdonians Simon Gall (in Clype) and Jenny Sturgeon. He is also musical director and writer for Dogstar Theatre Company and teaches fiddle at Aberdeen City Music School.

The Covid-19 Pandemic - A message from Jonny...

The Covid-19 Pandemic is making life very difficult for freelance musicians. Bands like Old Blind Dogs make the lions share of their income from touring. The band has had tours and concerts cancelled as far ahead as August 2020 with no definite idea of when we might be able to safely get back out on the road again.

We're not looking for charity, there are many, many people in a much worse position than us, but if you'd like to help support me and help with the overheads of day-today living until the Coronavirus passes, the best way is to download some of my music here. Please consider buying the whole of the album here instead of streaming it.

In anticipation, thanks for your help and continued support, Love Jonny X
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